Five truisms and a corollary… aquaculture

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Barry Norris in «Why I’m investing in salmon, not beef«, sums up with clarity and elegance what this sector is, I highlight five truisms that should be taken into account, whoever is the user of the information.

1. The efficiency of protein production is much better in aquaculture

2. If we consider the FCR, a calf needs 8 kg to increase its weight by one, a pig 3 kg, a chicken 2 kg and the salmon is 1.2 kg, other species are already approaching the kilo.

3. Two thirds of a salmon are edible, in the chicken is a fifth and in the pig about one tenth

4. As meat prices go up, salmon prices drop, this applies to other species of farmed fish

5. One kilo of salmon requires 1,500 liters of fresh water, 14,000 liters of meat

Corollary: Norway, which controls more than 60% of world salmon production, understands this business.

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