10 trending topics on aquaculture for 2017

I have asked my colleagues of the Technological Watch Service to help me identify the trends that have been trending in aquiculture in recent months and thanks to the wonderful technology of analysis of big data and content indexing is possible to realize of form, say magic for me and with sufficiency contrasted by them, precise and technical with the suitable tools.

Basically because I wanted to know if there is an alignment between the many calls for the innovation momentum currently underway, several orders of bases have just come out, and what the community in the cloud is promulgating as the trend in aquaculture.

There goes the top ten:

1. More than diversification, there is talk of the consolidation of species that must cease to be emerging and which clearly contribute to the growth of protein demand

2. The concept of biological performance is sketched, which I sense is mainly economic of certain species that we consider our

3. Climate change imposes adaptive strategies such as the implementation of breeding programs and the conversion of species

4. The imperative need to apply a restriction on the use of antibiotics and everything that has to do with environmental sustainability

5. Molluscs are associated with increased productivity and lack of biosecurity, essential to ensure the former

6. Microalgae as a fundamental source of the solution of almost all the deficiencies. Dramatically advances the industry supported by a strong investment in R & D and opens up to actions not previously explored

7. The source of future protein and the solution to all the ills of the industry is in the cultivation of insects

8. You can not throw anything, everything is worth something and if it is not because we have not yet been able to give it a use, this is over, the circular economy permeates all the performances

9. Corporate social responsibility brings out all the intangibles of this industry that must be evidenced and valued

10. The main input associated with CSR is the reputation that must be known how to communicate proactively promulgating a positive key story

They are not in order of importance or depending on the volume of traffic generated. Let everyone draw their conclusions but if you can not, here we are to help.

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