Aquaculture: Improve or die

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I reread a post published two years ago in «The
Fish Site
» and that once it caught my attention: «Aquaculture
Must improve or die, say experts
«. I want
to see how a certain remains. The Norwegian aquaculture industry is a world leader
in innovation, but insist that this is not enough to guarantee the future of
the industry. To address the real challenges that exist (and they say based on
a series of studies of an industry that has produced 1.2 million tons) no
choice but to continue investing in innovation, in fact, and even define the
aquaculture sector Norwegian as the most innovative, not the biggest, emphasize
the difficulty to continue «growing».

It is understood, I understand, by growth, which
affects both the production and the benefit of the activity. This latter is
very important because it is this margin that pays almost exclusively the needs
innovation of the sector, and it is clear that it should remain, including
increasing the effort as the «industries
that fail to improve, to innovate, they die

Space availability, pricing, genetic improvement, technological radical solutions,
feeding management, new sources of supply … anything that does not sound to

The main difference is that they have clear that innovation is the engine of
competitiveness and that this difference can only get being and thinking

Currently, the
companies value more what we do than what we say we have studied
This change is providing the entry of a new human capital, highly talented,
that will revolutionize the way we understand the configuration of human
resources in companies.

This need for experts and beyond conventional wisdom, is the new way to boost
the activities carried out in VUCA environments. Aquaculture
is a perfect example.

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