A model of sustainable aquaculture

It is clear that the world of aquaculture production is multifaceted, it is true that there are many ways to produce that, generally, we can say they are healthy, safe and certainly if especially compared with other models of production, as least as efficient from the point of view of the economics of ecology, ie the cost of the ecosystem is the production system.

Dan Barber, the documentary «Sustainable Aquaculture: How to Fall in Love with a Fish» made a series of reflections that we consider especially how come a person who has influence on consumers, especially regarding media is strong packet and everything that makes us understand that this may be our multifaceted aquaculture and fear make models that can be had thought about leaving, be a great success.

I think our Delta, I think the production models that have been abandoned by the way, I think using a high productivity system and rich natural, I think the integration of the various local economies, I think everything is possible if we accept that we can do together.

If we even have flamingos…

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