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2018 is presented as a year full of challenges in terms of improving health in aquaculture.

An example is that we started the year with VetBioNet Workshop: «BSL3 / BSL3 + Aquatic Animal Infection Facilities: Steps To Achieving Conformity With ISO Biocontainment Standards». Within the objectives of this project we find:

  • Promote and facilitate Transnational Access to the infrastructure resources
  • Promote technological development by involving private partners in the integrating activities of the network
  • Enhance the preparedness of the major European BSL3 research infrastructures to accelerate the response to (re) emerging epizootic and zoonotic threats by sharing capacities beyond the infrastructures

Traditionally, everything possible has been done, generally with more goodwill than means, to facilitate and provide solutions to the industry from the various research centers that are dedicated to this activity. This last year, at the IRTA of Sant Carles de la Ràpita, we have designed, tuned and validated an installation without any doubt. A new biocontainment and biosecurity vessel designed for sanitary challenges of fish, bivalves and crustaceans. With management of continental and marine environments.

Simple, wide, multifunctional, powerful and safe. Integrated with a quarantine unit and a high performance O3 effluent treatment system. We have equipped it with the IRTAmar® technology, which allows us to work both in recirculation and in the open and add precision and BPL management controls.

We believe that a new model of integral and multifunctional design can help solve the main health challenges of the moment in terms of aquaculture production such as trials with antibiotics and biocides, management of parasites and co-infestations for the development of infective models , use of new functional ingredients and their effect on the health of animals, validation of veterinary and pharmacological products, vaccines and new records.

The new biosecurity warehouse has enough plasticity to adapt to different sizes and types of animals, including flatfish. We seek to grow and adapt their capabilities and conditions to which the sector requests and we can do it, as the IRTAmar® pug & play systems allow rapid adaptation.

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