New talents on aquaculture


Javier Ongay writes with great wisdom in Sintetia that «new times require new talents«, he does so in the context of an article in which he reflects on the 1st Revolution of Talent and the importance of being able to adapt to the New realities, to what he calls the 4th Industrial Revolution.

I think that today there are very few people, I do not know if there is any left, who are not aware that aquaculture is the productive industrial activity that is required to play a crucial role in providing solutions to the millennium challenges, To ensure the world’s food security through the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger. This is clearly specified in the analysis document of the State of Fisheries and Aquaculture FAO2016, which states that «aquaculture will become the main driver of change in the fisheries and aquaculture sector«.

I see it difficult that this is achieved in the way it is being done so far and I agree with Javier Ongay that we require new talents. It is possible that we have them but I have the feeling that they are so hidden and we put so many obstacles that they appear that when they are manifested, it is late.

The teams, both the professionals of the company-industry and those of the academy, are neglecting one of the most powerful tools currently available, the analysis of information with the new tools that are available to us, such as mass analysis Of data or the use of artificial intelligence together with our essentially human capacities such as creativity, intuition or art, to go beyond the data and transform the huge amount of information into value. I review data from the past and am amazed at the monstrous amount of information I possess that I could never extract anything conclusive and wonder, over and over again, how I could exploit that source of knowledge. I begin to glimpse how, I know that I will not do it alone and that I must join the revolution of talent that is already changing paradigms.

It is possible, I am convinced, that we should abandon the comfort of today’s work and adapt to a new form, I believe supported by the ability to approach different problems, incorporating transversal knowledge, even far from our field of expertise, allowing Ideas from outside are incorporated and make us question everything. We are going in the direction where the one who gains intelligence and advance in the understanding of complexity will triumph and who remains anchored in the convenience of comfort will only be able to see how the opportunities that are out there are escaped, because opportunities are always outside .

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